This Pianist Drove 400 Miles To Paris To Play A Single Song… And He Chose The Perfect Track.

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Davide Martello, a 34-year-old pianist from Germany, drove 400 miles to pay a tribute to the victims of the Paris attacks. Martello set his piano outside the Bataclan Concert Hall and played John Lennon's peace anthem, "Imagine."

The musician told journalists that he had first heard news of the attacks while at an Irish pub in Konstanz. Martello had no explanation for the impromptu performance other than that he was overwhelmed with emotion and had to go to Paris with his piano.

After playing the song, he got back into his car and drove back to Germany.

Within a few days, Martello returned and played at each of the targeted sites. Through his music, he offered a brief yet powerful moment of comfort for those in mourning.

You may have heard this song hundreds of times but at this time and in this place, it will strike a different chord.

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