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The Hardest Restaurants In The World To Get A Reservation.

Food connoisseurs will go to extremes to visit the best dining establishments in the world. Regardless of the price tag, foodies will wait for months to enjoy an evening in some of these infamous restaurants. Unfortunately, some of these restaurants require a 12-month advance reservation and some don't even take new guests at all. If you consider yourself a lover of fine dining and adventure, check out some of these places that people are willing to wait forever to get into.

#1. Franklin Barbecue, Austin

Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas has been by dubbed by Bon Appétit as the best barbecue restaurant in America. You might really like barbecue, but do you like it enough to wait in line for 2 1/2 hours? Because that's how long you're going to be waiting in line at Franklin Barbecue. This infamous barbecue joint started in 2009 with a dream and some coffee-spiked barbecue sauce. If you really want a taste of their brisket or pulled pork, then you should definitely arrive early because some days a "sold out" sign will appear even before they open the doors.

Franklin Barbecue, Austin

Serious Eats

#2. Damon Baehrel, Earlton

Damon Baehrel in Earlton, New York, just a half hour south of Albany, in the basement of the home of owner and restaurateur Damon Baehrel. The idea of going into someone's basement to enjoy a meal may seem crazy, but it's actually ingenious. Damon Baehrel prides himself on being the only one that works in his restaurant. The meal, which consists of 15-20 courses and can last up to 7 hours, is unlike anything you've ever had. The owner, who cooks and serves everything himself with ingredients from his land, says: "I've more or less created my own cuisine here. It's called Native Harvest and, again, I create everything, including my own flours, my own oil, so there's nothing getting delivered other than if I choose to use seafood." The wait time is 10 years.

Damon Baehrel, Earlton

ABC News

#3. N/Naka, Los Angeles

N/Naka in Los Angeles, California is the pride and joy of owner and chef, Niki Nakayama and her partner Carole Lida. Nakayama has put everything that she has in creating a unique dining experience for her guests. The best part about enjoying Nakayama's kaiseki cuisine is the fact that she never makes the same meal for her returning guests, which means that she keeps extensive notes on every single person that sits at her dining table.

N/Naka, Los Angeles

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#4. Noma, Copenhagen

You can find the unique Noma restaurant sitting on a small lake outside of Copenhagen, Denmark. Noma, which has been voted the best restaurant in the world four times, relies solely on ingredients that can be found in the Scandinavian region of the world. While food connoisseurs are willing to pay the $350 price tag for the 20-course meal, it's not exactly easy to get reservations. Noma opens up reservations only three times throughout the year, forcing guests to sit on the Noma website in hopes of getting a reservation, which means that they'll have to pay for their food upfront.

Noma, Copenhagen / Wikipedia

#5. Sukiyabashi Jiro, Tokyo

If you're a fan of sushi, then you should head to Sukiyabashi Jiro, also known as Sushi Jiro, which is located in the Ginza Subway Station at Exit C6 in Tokyo, Japan. Unfortunately, you'll have to make reservations at least one month ahead of time. Because Sushi Jiro only offers 10 counter seats, it's essential to show up on time or risk losing your spot, which you would still have to pay for. The meal, which costs a little over $300, is picked out the morning of each day and consists of 20 pieces of fish and some melon for dessert. Sushi Jiro prides themselves on their strict rules, so make sure to eat each piece of fish as they place it on your plate or you'll receive some dirty look for taking too long to eat.

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