Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

30 Times Restaurants Failed With Their Presentation.

When you go out with your friends, your significant other, (or why not, by yourself!) you're only looking to eat some great food and unwind for a couple of hours. Sometimes you're only looking for a place that serves good food and isn't too expensive. But when it's time to go to a restaurant, there seems to be a trillion options to choose from. That's one of the many reasons why restaurants are trying to impress us with the elaborate way they're serving their dishes. And while we do admire the fact that they're trying something new, it kind of seems like they're trying so hard, that the dishes ended up being way too goofy, even for the most pretentious of customers.

#1. An optimist would look at the glass as being half full...

But what is it half full of? Ramen noodles and beer? While the restaurant does get extra brownie points for trying, we'll say this is just a big glass of NOPE.

#2. Do you really want to find out what will happen when you try to snatch those mini cheese treats?

While these little cheese appetizers look deliciously sinful, the price to pay when you grab them is a bit too much. Ouch!

#3. A "Bear Trap" burger is being served at Lviv, but is it worth the risk?

Seriously though, bear traps and burgers don't mix, have never mixed, and they will never mix. So stop trying to make bear trap burgers happen, it is not going to happen.

#4. This dish was part of a $165, three-hour tasting menu, according to a Reddit user. So was it worth it?

The little scallop on top seems to be small enough to leave you wanting more, but the skull it was being served on? Well, that might throw you off food forever!

#5. Somehow, this potted bread dish looks aesthetically pleasing.

But this lovely little gimmick probably comes with a price tag, as the fancier it looks, the more you're going to end up paying. Is it really worth it?

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