By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

15 Love-Moves That Every Woman Secretly Wants… #13 Is Essential.

The older we get the more we tend to complicate things. We stress too much about how much we should reveal about ourselves. Keeping our feelings and thoughts closely guarded is a sure way to not get hurt but also not get involved in a committed relationship.

If you are interested in a special someone, it’s really quite simple; be yourself. However, if the pressure and anxiety of how to behave in front of your love interest is too much to bear, we can help. Follow these steps when you want that special someone to know you want to be more than just friends.

#1. Let's talk.

If you are genuinely interested in her, have a heart to heart conversation. Discuss both hers and your dreams, fears, hopes, and all the things that keep you up at night.

#2. Keep your eyes open.

She won't fall in love with you if you don't notice her. Compliment on the things you notice about her that make her unique; it could be her walk, the way she eats or her quirky fashion sense. It's the small things not everyone pays attention about her.

#3. Court her.

There is nothing more romantic than a guy taking his girl for a slow dance. It can be anywhere, in the middle of the kitchen or a jazz club. Let your inhibitions down and just dance with her.

#4. Forget texting.

If you had a great time on the date, call and leave a message letting her know you can't wait to do it again. Hearing the excitement in your voice means much more than just getting a text.

#5. Be kind.

Show kindness, you don't have to be mean and critical. Speak to her in the same way you would want her to speak to you. Don't belittle and humiliate.

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