By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

15 Love-Moves That Every Woman Secretly Wants… #13 Is Essential.

#6. Consult her on things.

Ask her about her opinion on things. You may already know what you want to do but she'll be impressed you thought of her.

#7. Be a gentleman.

There is nothing wrong with holding the door for her or pulling a chair. You are equals here but showing a little chivalry is really romantic.

#8. Amaze her!

Leave a love note in her purse. Buy her that scarf or shoes she has been wishing for. Do the unexpected.

#9. Flowers are never out of style.

Surprise her with flowers just because. You don't need a reason or a special day to send her flowers

#10. Relax.

You might think she is "the one" but make sure you are taking things slowly and calmly. You don't know if she is there yet so instead of scaring her by coming across as desperate, just take a deep breath and let things flow naturally.

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