By Travis

LifeBuzz Staff

In These Murky Depths, 3 Divers Discover A Massive Sea Creature. This Gave Me Chills.

Robert Suntay and his diving buddies got to see something that not many people do at the Rangali Madivaru dive site in the Maldives. They found 2 enormous mantas, each with about a 10 to 12 foot wingspan. These beautiful and gentle giants played with the divers for over 10 minutes, and were even still there when they had to return to the surface for air.

If I were in their spot, and someone told me when I would go out diving that day and see something like this, I probably wouldn't even believe them. I'm terrified of deep water, but somehow this is so beautiful and calming that I don't think I would be afraid. They really are big friendly giants it looks like, doing nothing more but being really curious. Share this amazing video, these divers really got some good footage.