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He Took Magical Photos Of An Indian Wedding… Using NOTHING But His IPhone.

Award-winning photographer Sephi Bergerson started shooting weddings out of curiosity, and his work got him plenty of attention. Eventually, he was called in to photograph Indian weddings for a book called Behind The Veil. Bergerson has been compelled by traditional Indian weddings ever since.

"What fascinates me about Indian weddings that it is always different. There is nothing — not a thread or a piece of cloth that is the same. Every wedding has its own rituals," Bergerson said in an interview.

There's more: He managed to captured the following wedding shots all on an iPhone 6. Hard to believe, but you can see his incredible work below.

"There are no special tricks for photography. If I give you a Jimi Hendrix guitar, you won't be able to play like him. It is not about the gear," Bergerson explained.

Shooting a wedding on his iPhone was a dream for the photographer, but it took awhile to find a couple willing to let him.

According to Bergerson, there's a misperception that iPhones are not professional -- despite the fact that they are not technically inferior to a traditional DSLR.

He finally found a couple that would let him -- as you can see, it was worth the risk.

The wedding took place over three days in Rajasthan.

Shooting with an iPhone comes with plenty of challenges (particularly lighting), but the images can also be edited for maximum effect.

And clearly, even an iPhone can produce some epic wedding shots.

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Source: Mashable