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This Couple Announced Their ‘Infertility’ With A HILARIOUS Series Of Photos.

When couples decide they are ready to start a family, the assumption is that conceiving will be fast and easy. Unfortunately, for many, this is not the case. It can take years of trying through fertility drugs, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), surrogacy, and even surgery, without success.

Spencer and Whitney Blake know the feelings of frustration and despair that come with the struggles of infertility. After many attempts trying to conceive, the couple opted to adopt two boys. Nonetheless, the Blakes want other couples going through the same heartbreak to turn their ordeal into humour with their “infertility announcements.”

The pair turned popular pregnancy announcement like this one...

and gave them a new twist.

"We are so grateful to be parents, but we have not forgotten how lonely and horrible infertility can feel, which is why we thought we’d create something to connect with others who are going through what we went through," write Spencer and Whitney on their blog.

The couple struggled with infertility for over seven years.

The "infertility announcements" were made in support of National Infertility Awareness Week last month.

The Idaho residents said they were always happy when their friends announced they were expecting but it inevitably reminded them of their own pain.

"If other people know they're not alone in this, it can really give them an emotional boost," says Spencer.

Spencer and Whitney were diagnosed with "unexplained infertility" in 2011.

Acknowledgement is the first step in helping a friend or family member who is unable to conceive.

Despite their years of pain and suffering with infertility, the Blakes understand the situation also shaped their family.

"If it weren't for infertility, we wouldn't have found our boys. We love them so dearly and our family turned out the way it was supposed to," explains Whitney.

Spencer and Whitney are now the proud parents to Mason and Kellen.

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