By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Mom Knew The Doctors Were WRONG… So She Did What ANY Mom Would Do.

Now that he's healed, he wants to give back.

Tyler is a dancer, and said he hopes to dance in public for money. What he plans to do with it is adorable.

He wants to give half his earnings to a children's dermatitis foundation.

He hopes his story will inspire other children with his condition.

His mom has hopes, too.

She doesn't want another parent to go through what she has.

This mother-and-son duo are proof that no matter how much pushback you get, you shouldn't give up.

If they hadn't kept searching for answers, Tyler wouldn't be the happy and healthy boy he is today.

It's crazy to think that Tyler could have been spared months of agony, if only the doctors had listened.

Imagine how quickly he could have been healed if doctor's looked at his individual case and believed his description of his symptoms.

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