By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Woman Ran Across The Irish Sea In A Giant Ball.

Yes, you read that headline correctly: One woman actually ran on water in a giant inflatable ball. Her name is Lindsey Russell, and she intended to cross the 34.8 kilometer distance between Northern Ireland and Scotland, a trip that would have taken her about 14 hours to complete.

Sadly, around the 10th hour, conditions became too rough for her to complete the journey. Her inflatable hamster wheel couldn't stand up to the crashing waves, and she had to end her trip prematurely.

Despite that, what she did accomplish is still pretty impressive. See the photos from her strange and epic journey below.

Russell was able to tough it out for about 10 hours in the inflatable wheel.

She even kept going through the darkness.

Unfortunately, conditions got too bad for her to complete her journey. She had to retreat, and now she's safely back at home.

Still though, what she accomplished is still pretty unbelievable. Would you be up for a challenge like this?

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Source: Mashable