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By Krista Miranda

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25 Genius Ideas That Should To Be Implemented Everywhere.

Life can definitely be pretty tough to navigate through. It can throw twists and turns at you at every corner that leave you completely blindsided. So the best thing to do is to learn how to make your life easier whenever you can. Little tricks can be really helpful and can actually take away some of your everyday stress. Keep scrolling to read this list we've compiled of simple ideas that make people's lives a tad bit easier. Maybe you'll even find one or two that can use for yourself!

#1. This restaurant uses a "toepener" to help people open the door.

Not only is it helpful for people that have their arms full of stuff, but it's also beneficial when it comes to not touching all of the germs on the doorknob. It's a great way to prevent the spreading of sickness!

#2. This may look like some sort of abstract art, but it's actually useful!

The bends on this fence look cool, but they can also be used as benches. You have to be careful while sitting here, though. The benches sit over water, so if you're not paying attention, your phone could end up swimming with the fish.

#3. Sometimes people crossing the road need a little bit more time to make it to the other side.

If you're a senior citizen, or a person with certain disabilities, you can get yourself some more time while crossing this 8 lane highway.

#4. Finding water for your dog at the park can be a hard task at times.

Well, this water fountain is perfect for those times. Not only can the human get a refreshing drink of water, but there's a spot at the bottom where your thirsty pup can get a drink at the same time!

Finding water for your dog at the park can be a hard task at times.


#5. Sometimes we can't help but forget if we've taken our medication.

This pill bottle lid makes remembering a lot easier. The lid on this bottle tells you the last time it was opened.

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