By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Rescued A Baby Squirrel From Certain Death… Now They’re Best Friends.

When they found him, this baby squirrel didn't have much hope for survival. He had fallen from a tree, been separated from his family, and his left eye was damaged, possibly from the fall or an attack from another animal. Though his fate could have been tragic, what these people did for him inevitably saved his life.

When he was found, he looked dead. However, one of the rescuers believed that he moved slightly, so she put him in a box and took him home to care for him, hoping that there was still a small chance he was alive.

Though they were unsure if he would live or die, his rescuers contacted an animal shelter, who told them what to feed him if he regained consciousness and alertness, and they also told him how to care for him.

After he had recovered, they tried to release him into the wild. However, they observed that there was no way he was going to make it, and he hardly moved away from them once outdoors. At that point, they decided to make him their pet, caring for him as if he were a dog or cat.

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