By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Octopus Sneaks Out Of Tank In Middle Of Night. His Next Move… YES!

Inky the octopus is enjoying the sea life after his brilliant escape from the National Aquarium in New Zealand. Three months ago, staff were going through a routine cleaning when they left a small opening in the tank. This proved to be the perfect opportunity for Inky to make his daring getaway.

The brilliant sea creature crossed the floor, finding a 50-metre drain pipe that leads to the ocean. The aquarium’s manager, Rob Yarrell says Inky, “didn’t even leave us a message.”

Since octopuses have no bones, it was easy for Inky to stretch and squeeze himself into the small pipe. Inky left a living mate in the aquarium and Yarrell promised they will be keeping a closer eye on him. "They are always exploring and they are great escape artists,” explains Yarrell. Inky lived in the aquarium for two years before returning to marine life in the Pacific Ocean.

National Aquairum of New Zealand

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Source: Newshub