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This New England Woman Is Selling Her Hotel… But She Doesn’t Want Money.

Imagine packing up your entire life, quitting your job, and heading for the rustic New England landscape of Lovell, Maine. There, you'll settle in to a gorgeous 210-year-old inn called the Center Lovell Inn and Restaurant. The best part: The inn would be yours.

The inn's current owner, Janice Sage, is offering to give the inn away to one lucky person. In order to score this beauty, you have to submit the best piece of writing you've ever produced, a 200-word essay about why you'd make a great innkeeper. Winners will be handed the deed to the inn, worth $900,000, as well as $20,000 start-up cash. The only requirement is that you be willing to run the inn yourself for at least a year - a small, awesome price to pay for such an opportunity.

The entry fee is $125, and Sage expects about 7,500 entries to roll in from around the globe. She also plans to read them all herself, and then pass the top 20 along to two anonymous judges who will pick a winner.

Think you might have what it takes to write the perfect, inn-winning essay? Check out the contest website.

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Source: Today