By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

28 Photos That’ll Unleash Your Inner Child… #18 Brought Back A LOT Of Memories.

It didn’t take a lot to be happy when we were kids. Whether it was playing a favourite game or getting together with friends, life was easy and carefree. That is probably why when we see things that remind us everything that made us laugh, it makes us want to relive those times.

Here are photos that will make you let out your inner child. You may act more silly after seeing these images. I would literally pay money for someone to let me pop a whole role of bubble wrap. I am totally craving #5 right now.

#1. Where did the ninja turtles go?

#2. Need to find the kiddie lamp.

Need to find the kiddie lamp.

#3. Need a dentist afterwards.

#4. You know you want one.

#5. Pink, fluffy heaven.

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