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Here’s A Test To See If You’re Afraid Of Heights… I Couldn’t Last 5 Seconds.

It’s called the 8th wonder of the world. First, in order to get here, you need to get to Aiguille du Midi peak near Chamonix, France. Before it was only accessible by skiing, but now you can take a brave cable car ride 8,858 feet up the side of the mountain, then you will take a second cable car ride up the final 4,790 feet to ascend to the peak. You will step onto the transparent glass and have the most breathtaking view of your life with a drop of over 3,300 feet. Do you think you could handle it?

The 5-sided glass structure called Step Into The Void, designed by Pierre-Yves Chays, just opened in December 2013.

No way!!!

No way!!!

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