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23 Inspirational Before/After Photos Of People Who Can Say 'I Did It.'

When it comes to losing weight, it's not as easy as saying, ready, set, diet! At lot of the diet meal plans suck. Your tasty emotional crutch or crutches are no longer an option if you want to shed those pounds. So it's easy to get a little disheartened. As the New Year approaches, you're also tempted to add getting back into shape as one of your resolutions. You might also decide to renew the resolution you made last year but failed. If you need a little inspiration, look to these people who sure knew how to slim down and shape up.

#1. Believe it or not, the woman on the right was once ridiculed and called a whale.

Bet those people only wish they could land a date with this sexy vixen. She looks like she could star in her own workout video.

Believe it or not, the woman on the right was once ridiculed and called a whale.

Kelsey Byers

#2. Gaining weight can totally affect the way that you look.

The opposite is said to be true and this guy is living proof. He looks like a young Joel McHale on the right.

#3. This couple decided that they wanted to live a happy, and healthier life forever.

So they overcame any and all obstacles and succeeded. As a testament to their hard work, they offered a before and after of what they looked like during their second attempt at a wedding.

#4. Whether you've gained them or lost them, 138 pounds can make a huge difference.

Just ask this lovely lady on the left who looks totally banging!

#5. Believe it or not, this girl used to suffer from several eating disorders.

Fortunately, she managed to overcome them and decided to adopt a healthier way of eating and living. Now her smile isn't the only thing that looks amazing.

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