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By Camila Villafañe

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20 Awesome Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Your Fellow Americans.

Lately, you turn on the news and it feels as though the US has become a nation divided over politics and race relations. But it's important to focus on the positive side of things, even when it feels like the nation is going through its darkest period. To that end, here are some amazing photos that will completely restore your faith in your fellow Americans. The folks in these photos have performed some of the most heartwarming acts of kindness towards people who aren't even their relatives. It's truly inspiring and sheds a little light on an otherwise dark situation.

#1. As people get older, they tend to need a hand to cross the street or to help them get home.

In this photo, Carl Manley was approached by an elderly woman, who needed help being walked home because she was afraid she was going to slip and fall on the ice. Now, Manley does this practically all the time and the two have become close friends.

#2. Kevin Berthia was on the Golden Gate Bridge because he was starting to question the meaning of life.

Kevin Berthia was on the Golden Gate Bridge because he was starting to question the meaning of life.


Then, California Highway Patrol officer Kevin Briggs spent an hour convincing the father of two that he had everything to live for. Later on, Briggs and Berthia were reunited at an awards ceremony that honored Briggs and other members of the CHP.

#3. Rodney Smith Jr., and his team of Raising Men Lawn Care, were on the ultimate lawn mowing mission.

The organization Smith founded was dedicated to helping residents who can't mow their lawns because of physical issues, age, or due to time constraints because they are single parents. And here they helping one grandmother out.

#4. A man's tire blew on the freeway and a stranger stopped to fix it.

"So my Dad's tire blew up on the freeway and this dude, with a confederate flag tattoo, wearing a confederate flag t-shirt, with confederate flag car stickers, stopped and changed our tire. My mind is blown, don’t judge a book by its cover y’all."

#5. One young man was sitting down waiting for a train while struggling to successfully put on his tie.

The woman in the red coat noticed he was having issues, so she asked her husband to give the young man a hand and he did. This random act of kindness allowed the young man to look dapper and ready for wherever it was he needed to go.

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