By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

‘Instagram Husbands’ Highlights The Woes Of Being A Human Selfie Stick.

Are you an Instagram Husband? Instead of enjoying dates, dinner or going for a romantic walk are you taking photos of your loved one? You are not alone in this hardship. The comedy group, The Mystery Hour has put together a video that helps husbands and boyfriends recognize the symptoms. One man simply explains, "behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me, and a brick wall.”

You definitely feel the men’s struggle: one husband admits to feeling like a “human selfie stick” while another nervously adds that he has to be the first person to comment on his wive’s latest picture upload.

The team behind the video said that aside from their comedic goal, it’s also a look at the “shallow nature of social media.” The clip has garnered over 3 million views, maybe men everywhere see a little of themselves in it.

Source: The Mystery Hour