Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Rare Photos That Reveal The Unseen Side Of Things.

#11. If these still haunt your nightmares, then you already know what this is.

Those crazy eyes give it away. This is actually a Furby without all of its fur. It's hard to forget those sleepless nights caused by them

#12. If you've ever been to a pond or lake, than you have definitely seen these before.

It may look like a huge labyrinth, but it's actually the underside of a lily pad!

#13. This looks like a beautiful room with an incredible skylight.

It's definitely a place to find some relaxation, but it's not big enough to sit in. And that's because this is a picture from the inside of a guitar!

#14. Are you a musician? If you are, then you've been in this exact spot before.

That's right, this is from the backstage of a music venue. What an amazing feeling it must be to have that sort of view.

#15. You may be thinking that this is from a sci-fi movie set, but you're wrong.

This is what a battleship looks like when there's absolutely no water around it. It honestly looks pretty scary.

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