By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Teacher Demonstrates Internet Safety, And It Backfires Royally.

The Internet is great for easy and fast access to an unlimited amount of information. It’s a great tool for students to enhance their academic learning in just about any topic. It can also serve as a dangerous place though if it’s not monitored by adults.

One teacher had a discussion in his class about internet safety and to prove his point, he did what many of his peers have done online. He had a photo of himself taken with a placard explaining his motive and asking strangers to share the pic and write their location.

Little did he know though that his image would be picked up by Reddit for an epic photoshop battle. People took his photo and manipulated their own version of the man’s physical look to the actual writing on the cue card. It made not have been the lesson he wanted to teach, but it’s fair to say his students got the message.

Source: reddit