By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Rude Cats Who Don’t Care If You’re Busy, #17 Is Hilariously Selfish.

When it comes to your personal space, cats don't really care whether or not you're uncomfortable. In fact, it seems that they actually take pleasure in interrupting you, getting in your face, or preventing you from doing the things you were trying to do, like reading, cooking, watching TV, or sleeping.

The worst part about it? They're so cute, we don't mind at all.

Below are 25 of the most adorable cat interruptions we've ever seen. They're so intent on disturbing their humans that it's hard to be mad at them. Except #12. You might be mad at him.

#1. The cat is really more of a CrossFit kind of guy.

#2. Your reading is unimportant.

#3. Trying to understand why you never text her back.

#4. Learning to Parkour in sync.

Learning to Parkour in sync.

#5. You didn't need this one, right?

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