Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

The Most Hilarious ‘There I Fixed It’ Repairs You’ll Ever See.

Most of us weren't even born when the TV series MacGyver first aired. He was a secret agent who was able to fight crime without a gun. What made him unique was his practical application of scientific knowledge and ability to create extraordinary things with common items. MacGyver was the original DIY master.

It seems that MacGyver has started a trend, as there are many people today who follow in his footsteps. Sometimes all you really do need is an easy and quick fix, even if it may look a little silly.

#1. DIY apple watch.

#2. This is way less shameful than the cone.

#3. Would you put mail in this if you were a mailman?

#4. Gotta get your coffee somehow.

Gotta get your coffee somehow.

#5. No microwave needed here, nope.

No microwave needed here, nope.

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