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By Lisa Be

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21 Things You Didn’t Know Your IPhone Can Do. The Last One Is My Favorite.

#7. If you want to listen to music or audiobooks before you go to sleep, set a timer so it turns off.

Launch your Clock app with a tap, and then tap on the Timer button in the lower right. Once there, set the timer for however long you want your media to play. Next, tap “When Timer Ends,” and scroll down to the bottom. Tap on “Stop Playing.” Now, when your music will stop playing when the timer runs out.

#8. You can control the scrubbing rate of video and audio by moving your finger down the screen as your scrub through it.

When you navigate in a video you drag the playhead horizontally to the right or the left to go forward or backward. While doing this you will see a message that will allow you to adjust the scrubbing rate.

#9. Use the volume up or volume down buttons to take a photo, as long as the camera app is open.

#10. Rapid photo shots

By holding down the capture button, the iPhone will automatically go into burst mode and take a series of shots, ensuring that you capture the perfect shot.

#11. Use your iPhone as a level. Just swipe left in the Compass app and voilà!

#12. Use Speak Selection on iPhone and Ipad, so it reads texts out loud.

Begin by opening the Settings app. Scroll down, choose General, tap Accessibility, then turn on Speak Selection. For voice, you can choose from a wide range of voices from the Speak Selection Menu. These include Australian, British, Spanish accents and much more. To speak words out loud, highlight any text (by double-tapping or tapping and holding on it), then tap the Speak button in the pop-up menu. If you can’t see the Speak button, tap the small right arrow on the pop-up menu, then choose Speak.

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