Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

30 Photos Of Largest And Oldest Dog Breeds — Irish Wolfhounds.

#6. Either this Irish Wolfhound has gotten bigger, or the lady he’s sitting on has gotten shorter.

Most people would think that this image was Photoshopped to make the animal look ginormous. But it’s not. We feel bad for grandma who’s probably lost all feeling in her legs.

#7. When you’re an Irish Wolfhound, finding a place to crash isn’t always easy.

But when you’re tired, you have to lay your weary head to rest somewhere, so this one decided to get on the dining table and lay his head on his owner’s plate.

#8. You might say that this is a doggy version of Beauty and the Beast.

But who are we kidding? They’re both pretty cute. You have to love the way the Irish Wolfhound made himself comfortable in that chair and didn’t mind cuddling with the shorter pooch.

#9. How would you like to deal with this situation every day around feeding time?

One Irish Wolfhound may not be intimidating to you, but a fleet of them along with their shorter allies can make the hair on your arms stand up. So, don’t you dare tell these pooches that you’re out of treats.

#10. This little girl certainly doesn’t need a blanket or a stuffed bear to keep her company at night.

Nap time is always so much better when you’ve got an Irish Wolfhound to spoon with. This snap is really adorable, but it’s also kind of terrifying that the pooch is the same size as the kid.

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