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By Camila Villafañe

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You Won't Believe How Large These Dogs Are, It's Too Weird To Be True.

Don’t let the name fool you. Irish Wolfhounds aren’t wolves, but they were originally used for wolf hunting. But as scary as their names are, they’re actually beautiful and adorable. They’re also pretty big, too. Their height is usually 32 to 34 inches (81 cm to 86 cm). So, running into one of these Irish Wolfhounds can be a frightening experience. But the fact is that these creatures are super friendly once they get to know you. So, to desensitize the stigma, some folks started posting photos of their Wolfhounds to prove that these beauties aren’t really beasts at all.

A burglar will have to think twice before ever trying to break into this home full of Wolfhounds.

There’s not just one, but several of these creatures, and they can all smell the fresh meat of an approaching burglar. So, unless you’re a neighbor coming over to borrow a cup of sugar, you might want to stay away.

Just look at the super sad face he’s making, and it’s all thanks to his nasty owner’s horrible decision.

This Irish Wolfhound assumed his owner was driving him to the doggy park. But when he drove past it, the dog’s expression went from joyful and hopeful to one of disappointment. But he’ll get him back by chewing on his shoes later.

They say that a dog is a human being’s best friend and they will follow their owner anywhere.

This was certainly true for this woman who passed away from ovarian cancer. 17 days after she met her maker, her Irish Wolfhound decided to join her in the afterlife. But at least, their loved ones will always have a photo to remind them of the bond they shared.

This guy is planning on feeding his Wolfhounds some peanut butter, because they love peanut butter.

But he should make sure he has enough for everyone. They’re all practically ganging up on him. We certainly wouldn’t want to disappoint them. But once they’re done, they’ll probably toss this guy on the floor and thank him with a few face licks.

Here are two sweethearts who seem to be best buds, too, but the Wolfhound looks a little bigger.

An Irish Wolfhound and a donkey being BFFs in the snow. It’s like a live-action Disney movie. Now everyone will want to have a loveable pair just like these two. But you better make extra space in your home.

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