By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

19 Of The Most Ironic Moments In All History, #11 Is Downright Twisted.

Irony is a beautiful thing. History is wrought with stories and circumstances that contradict themselves. Here are 19 examples that will make you think these instances are fabricated but they are, in actuality, 100% true.

#1. Ineffective contraception.

A Canadian university was promoting safe sex by handing out condoms with safe notes. The condoms were recalled because the staples punctured holes into the condoms.

#2. Cruel way for history to repeat itself.

A dying man who received a heart transplant ended up marrying the donors widow. In a twist of fate, he took his own life in exactly the same way as the donor.

#3. Not practicing what is preached.

The city of Orlando placed a statue of a homeless Jesus sleeping on a bench. The homeless people of Orlando are banned from sleeping on benches.

Not practicing what is preached.

David Yates

#4. From celebration to tragedy.

A New Orleans pool facility was celebrating one year without a drowning. It was attended by 100 lifeguards. Unfortunately a man drowned at this event.

#5. Eat your words.

The New York Times in the 1920’s was dismissive of crossword puzzles. In fact the paper made the statement, "the craze evidently is dying out fast.” Today, the New York Times Sunday edition has the most recognized crossword puzzle.

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