By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

36 Times Irony Extracted Her Sweet Revenge… #22 Is Just Cruel.

As frustrating as it can be from time to time, life's little ironies are also responsible for creating some of the most head-scratching, entertaining, WTF-moments of our lives. It's even better when the people creating said ironies don't even realize they're doing it -- like basically everyone in the photos below.

These images represent 36 mostly-unintentional ironic moments that you couldn't plan if you tried. Bask in their hilarity, let them make you smile, and then be glad that you're not the guy in #18.

#1. Maybe this wasn't so simple?

#2. They stopped.

#3. This is the best kind of intolerance, though.

#4. Very intimidating.

#5. Except for one thing.

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