By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Firefighters Made A Tiny Oxygen Mask For FOUR Adorable Reasons.

Firefighters are real life heroes who bravely go into a dangerous situations to save the lives of others. These brave men and women value every living thing no matter how small it may be. When a fire broke out in a Lacey, Washington, house the firefighters jumped into action to put it out.

There were no people in the home but they did find a family of hamsters in a cage. The tiny animals had passed out from smoke inhalation. Using a “Pet Emergency Pocket Guide," firefighter Eric Bamer fashioned a makeshift oxygen mask small enough for the mini creatures.

Four of the five hamsters were resuscitated. The family has been reunited with their humans.

Four of the hamsters were saved with a mini oxygen mask. The only trace of their ordeal is the soot on their fur

Dad Oreo and mom Madonna were rescued along with their marriage certificate written in crayon.

The Lacey Fire District Three are trained and equipped to care for animals rescued in a fire.

Next, fire stations across the country carry oxygen masks for household pets, but not all of them.

Source: The Dodo