By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Guy Trolls Vain People By Taking Their Photoshop Requests Literally.

We have become a selfie obsessed culture. Our every move has to be documented and uploaded to social media in the hopes it gets as many likes as possible. But the constant need for approval and admiration can get challenging at times. Posting photos of your meal, going on a date, or simply having coffee with a friend is not enough.

Folks have this need to make their lives seem that much more exciting, full of adventures. It's no longer about sharing special moments but rather creating a life that is anything but real and authentic. It is no wonder James Fridman is still working hard trolling people back to reality.

Folks are still willingly to send their pics to the photoshop master, hoping to look better and more cool than the original. But in true Fridman style, it's how you ask that makes the message get lost in translation.

It's not enough to have an amazing figure, now we worry over a little wrinkle in our tops. Good thing James has the solution.

You will never get women to like you when you refer to them as p***y. Hopefully James taught him a lesson.

When puberty moustache looks a lot like eyebrows. Stick to a clean shave kid, you look great already!

Now she understands; if you were the animal in the cold water, you wouldn't be smiling either.

If the waterfall was any closer or bigger, you'd be soaking wet. This is what James was trying to explain all along.

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