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25 Weird Japanese Gifts That You'll Secretly Want For Christmas… I Need #8 So Badly.

Japan has always been known for their quirky yet innovative products. They’re usually odd but somehow end up being quite useful once you get past the oddness. Technology wise Japan has always been ahead of the game. Some of their inventions, however, go a little bit too far and are sometimes just too absurd.

Luckily for you, we’ve created a list of all the best and most awesome Japanese products out there. We’ve weaved out all the basic weird and managed to put together a list of all the cool weird.

#1. This 3d latte art maker that allows you to create creative sculptures from the foam.

#2. A onesie that allows your cat to be with you at all times.

A onesie that allows your cat to be with you at all times.

#3. An air-conditioned work shirt for the people who always find themselves sweating at work.

#4. A vase you can scream all your frustration into. Talk about discreet.

#5. Your own at home aqua waterproof planetarium so you can enjoy a beautiful view of the stars during a nice long bath.

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