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This Woman's Hospital Food Was So Good She Posted Pics Of Every Meal.

If you thought hospital food was the worst, then you certainly haven't stayed at a hospital in Japan. It turns out that one woman did after she went into labor and gave birth at a clinic there. To say that she was well fed doesn't even begin to cover the star treatment she received. She not only got to spend 4 days in recovery, but was provided with some hearty gourmet meals that made her feel like a queen. But as odd as this may sound to you, treating a new mother like a star is a common practice in Japan. Not only did she receive the best dishes to help her regain her strength, but they also looked after her baby and gave her some useful advice on how to care for her child.

You tend to cringe at the mere mention of hospital food, because let's face it, it's really bad.

A woman going by the name of Jenkinsinjapan on Imgur had a standard C-section birth while in Japan, and she told the world that while in recovery, she was served pancakes for breakfast. But she admits that her husband ate most of it.

Some hospitals will discharge a mom after a few hours in order to make space for other patients.

But even before Jenkins had her C-section, she was able to eat some delicious food. Now, how many hospitals do you know out there that actually serve their patients oysters and an assortment of other things like fruit, bread, and salad?

There aren't too many women who are in the mood to eat while experiencing labor pain.

However, Jenkins was treated to salmon with mushroom sauce as well as a few delicious side dishes. This is enough to make pretty much anyone want to go into labor, or at least fake it in order to get fed like this.

She had no idea that there weren't any food restrictions when you were about to pop a kid out.

Fortunately, she was served 3 to 4 meals like this one during her post C-section recovery, and this was practically the equivalent of a deluxe package. But who paid for it? Jenkins had insurance, but it only covered the most basic things.

This was her first post-surgery meal and it included French toast for breakfast.

The OB-GYN clinic that she used was small and privately owned. But her standard insurance covered most of her in-patient treatment. Whatever was left over, she ended up paying with her own money, and it was worth it.

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