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By Huong Ngo

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15 Japanese School Rules That Would Never Fly In America.

#6. Weekends in Japan used to be only 1 day long.

The government changed the weekend to 2 days in 1992. Some high schools, however, disregard the rule and offer Saturday classes.

#7. Students are prohibited from dating and having open relationships.

It's forbidden in all junior high schools. The rule is there mainly to ensure that students have no distractions from their studies.

Students are prohibited from dating and having open relationships.

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#8. Student's summer "vacation" is only for 5-6 weeks starting on July 20th till the end of August.

That's only half of the vacation time students get in America! As if vacation for them wasn't short enough, the students often spend their time off in class to either study, do homework, or participate in school clubs.

#9. Elders are always greeted as a sign of respect.

So of course greetings are expected to elders that are providing you with education. To greet their teachers, students bow both before and after class.

#10. There are several strict rules on how boys and girls are allowed to wear their hair.

Girls aren't allowed to hair any color-dyed hair, any colorful scrunchies, and bangs longer than their eyebrows. Boys are not allowed to have any long facial hair and are expected to appear neat and clean cut at all times.

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