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22 Unusual Facts About Jason Statham… #20 Is Hilariously Ironic.

It's not every day that we're treated to a celebrity with such a diverse and interesting past, but Jason Statham is one of them. You know him from kicking all kinds of ass in all kinds of action movies, but Statham was up to all kinds of things before he hit the big screen.

For starters, here's the basics: He was born in Derbyshire, UK to a dancer and a street merchant. He was an athlete, a model, and even street seller before he got his big break, and yes, he has been arrested. Starring in films like Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Mean Machine, and The Transporter, Statham has made himself a burly, brawny, sometimes hard to understand (because of his accent) household name.

Yes, those are the basic, common bits of knowledge about this buff action star -- but as it turns out, there are some lesser-known facts about him that are just as entertaining. Find out more about Statham and his compelling past below.

#1. He once starred in a Kit-Kat commercial.

That's right: Jason Statham once told the masses to break HIM off a piece of that Kit-Kat bar.

He once starred in a Kit-Kat commercial.


#2. He's an amazing chess player.

According to rumors, he and Guy Ritchie would play routinely, and Statham states that Ritchie is the worst chess player he's ever met. In fact, they used to bet on the games, and Ritchie owes him a lot of money.

He's an amazing chess player.

#3. He's also pretty good at soccer.

He wasn't just acting in Mean Machine – Statham is a floating member of the Hollywood United FC.

He's also pretty good at soccer.

Paramount Pictures

#4. Jason Statham worked as a model before he acted.

He didn't like his own smile, so he would pose with a scowl. It became his signature look, and it's eventually what got him noticed.

#5. He starred in a Lee Jeans commercial in 1997.

And yes, he even managed to make a nineties jeans cut look incredibly hot. Behold, the power of Statham.

He starred in a Lee Jeans commercial in 1997.

Lee Jeans

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