By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Is The Smallest Rodent In The World… And He’s About To Use His Powers Of Cuteness On YOU.

What hops through the desert, balances on it's tail to eat, and weighs in at just under 3.2 grams? It's the pygmy jerboa, and he is here to steal your heart with his tiny little three-toed paws.

Pygmy jerboas can only be found in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This particular jerboa is named Balboa, because being tiny doesn't mean you're not a fighter. In fact, pygmy jerboas like Balboa are nocturnal, live under the ground, and survive on very small amounts of food. In other words, this little pipsqueak is probably tougher than you.

In addition to their scrappy lifestyles, pygymy balboas have the honor of being the world's smallest rodent. However, their long legs allow them to jump up to 9 feet in length. That's good news, because it means that this adorable baby chick/field mouse hybrid would have no problem leaping into your loving arms.

Source: 萌え萌えチャンネル