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700lb Man Trolled A Fitness Website, What Happened Next Gave Me Major Goosebumps.

The internet can sometimes be a cruel thing. It gives some people the opportunity to make mean-spirited comments about others' appearance, weight, sexual orientation or even race. Jesse Shand took a leap of faith when he began posting photos of his weight at 650 pounds on Bodybuilding’s forum. Jesse expected people to mock him. He did receive some negative comments but the majority of people sent messages encouraging him to make small changes in his life: from walking extra steps in the house, to cutting down his food intake little by little.

Jessee began to document his progress and sharing it on the forum. He received exercise bands, a kiddie pool, and constant support from complete strangers.

Jessee at the beginning of his weight loss journey.

Posing with his new gym membership card.

"I have gone from having zero hope in May of 2013 to feeling like my life has unlimited possibilities all within the span of less than two years."

Watch Jesse's incredible transformation.

If you'd like to help with Jesse's surgery, visit GoFundMe.

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