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Bride Ended Wedding Night In Hospital, But It Was Grandma’s Best Day Ever!

Jessica Brown was head over heels in love with her boyfriend Tyler, and even more so after he proposed. She simply couldn't wait to have her entire family at her wedding to celebrate the most important day of her life. However, the day wouldn't be very picture perfect.

There was one person who wasn't able to attend Jessica's wedding and she was simply devastated. Her grandmother, a woman whom she adored more than anything, had suffered a heart attack the day before, but Jessica simply couldn't have her wedding without Gram, so she came up with a solution that's a real tear jerker.

70-year-old Margaret Harris suffered a heart attack on Friday night.

It was less than a day before her granddaughter Jessica was supposed to get married to her groom, Tyler. But instead, she was stuck in a hospital room at a Jacksonville, Florida area hospital, unsure of what her outcome would be.

Jessica and Tyler decided to go ahead with the wedding anyway at Margaret's request.

But Jessica didn't want her grandmother to miss out on her big day, so at around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday night, the bride and groom decided to surprise the beloved grandmother at the hospital, which admittedly sounds like a terrible idea, given that she'd just suffered a heart attack and didn't need any more surprises.

Jessica walked the halls of the hospital dressed in her wedding gown and a bouquet.

Her grandmother's heart attack had hit her hard given that Margaret had helped raise her, so not having her at the wedding was probably one of the hardest things she ever had to do.

Jessica's family tried to think of different ways to include Margaret at the wedding.

They'd even considered using FaceTime, to include Harris, but it was ultimately, Jessica's sister who came up with the idea of surprising grams at the hospital, and it didn't really take much to convince Jessica to do this for the woman who had shaped the person she became.

When Jessica arrived with her new hubby in their wedding attire, Margaret was shocked.

It was an emotional moment, especially when Jessica climbed onto her grandmother's bed with a bouquet in her hand and gave her a big old hug that lifted everyone's heavy heart.

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