By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The Ducklings Have The Worst Bath Etiquette I’ve Ever Seen, But The Capybara Is Too Chill To Care.

There are a lot of things that make this video one of the greats. First of all, it implies that there is a lucky person out there who actually has a capybara living in their home. We consider that a dream come true. Second of all, it clearly shows that the capybara, despite simply being a giant rat, is the chillest animal of all time - or at least JoeJoe the Capybara is.

His relaxed disposition with other animals has turned JoeJoe into an Internet celebrity. He has thousands of followers on his social media and YouTube pages, fans that love to watch him do...pretty much nothing at all.

Has bathtime with JoeJoe left you wanting more? Keep up with this socially graceful social media celebrity on his Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr pages. Or you can just watch this video again - you know you want to.

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Source: JoeJoe The Capybara