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This Drunken New Year’s Photo Is Being Hailed By Art Critics As A Masterpiece.

Who says debauchery, especially that which displays societal's most telling realities, isn't art? Photographer Joel Goodman was out documenting New Year's Eve celebrations on the streets of Manchester when he caught sight of a reclining man with a beer in hand, a desperate woman, and the police. Let's not forget the spectators. It was the perfect amount of drama.

Senior producer for BBC website & BBC World News Roland Hughes found the image buried in a gallery compiled by the Manchester Evening News, and posted it on Twitter. Within moments, Hughes was contacted by Twitter users everywhere who pointed out hints of Caravaggio, Gericault, and Lowry in the photograph.

Some took a bolder turn by manipulating the photo, most of them with the reclining man as the main star, into the style of Georges Seurat, Michelangelo, and Van Gogh.

Though Goodman was not initially named, Hughes and others are working hard to make amends and ensure that credit is given where it is due. Goodman wrote that he is currently trying to figure out how to make prints available.

The photo has been retweeted over 25K times from Hughes's account.

One user spotted the Golden Ratio:

Take a look at these different versions ranging from watercolors to a Titanic reference (you knew that was coming, didn't you?), and tell us your favorite:

Reddit users seem to fancy this version: "[Paint] me like one of your French girls."

On a serious note:

Please make sure to support the original photographer, Joel Goodman, at his official site and Twitter.

Sources: BBC, Joel Goodman, Roland Hughes

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