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Total Stranger Gifts New Barbershop To The Man Who Gives Free Haircuts To Homeless.

For the past few years, Brennon Jones has been an inspiration to humanity. Besides being one cool Philadelphia barber, he's also got a big heart. There is literally no hair that Jones won't cut, and that includes a homeless person's hair. For years now, he's been giving haircut to the homeless in his neighborhood. But this awesome barber's generosity didn't end with a few snips from his scissors. He's been feeding the homeless, providing them with clothing and more. Now his generosity has finally rubbed off on another barber, who proved that when you do good things, the universe gives back.

Brennon Jones has been helping the homeless one haircut at a time.

In the streets of Philadelphia, people who once felt abandoned have seen a silver lining thanks to Brennon Jones, who has provided them with a haircut and anything else they might need free of charge.

Over the years, he has continued to offer strangers free haircuts while inspiring others too.

Jones has even started a Facebook page called Haircut4Homeless. He hopes his page will inspire others to spread the love and not lose sight of the good things in our lives.

Jones has given out so many free haircuts that he's lost count over the years.

He estimates that the number of haircuts he's provided are at least a thousand. But from his perspective, the more haircuts, the better he feels. Ultimately, this makes him feel good about himself while helping others.

Jones has given out so many free haircuts that he's lost count over the years.

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Brennon's hope has always been that his kind act would motivate others to do good things.

That's when Sean Johnson stepped in. He had heard of Brennon's good deeds and he wanted to get involved too. But did he go out and give haircuts to the homeless too? No.

Brennon has always been used to giving homeless people haircuts outdoors.

The sidewalk, streets, and back alley had become his barber shop. But with the fall already here and winter not too far behind, Sean Johnson wanted to do something that would change the way Brennon cut hair.

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