By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Climbed Down A 30ft Ladder And Found A Dying Puppy… That Was The Turning Point.

When rescue organization Hope For Paws first spotted Jordan, he was in what was likely one of the worst conditions they had ever seen.

As they got closer to the trembling creature, who had taken refuge from the water of the Los Angeles canal by sitting on a piece of trash, it became clear that Jordan's physical state was even worse than they thought. What happened next will horrify you, but the dramatic conclusion will remind you that there is still plenty of good in this world.

It's hard to believe that someone could put an animal through this kind of abuse, and it's even harder to believe that such a little dog could withstand and live through it. Jordan somehow survived his shocking ordeal, and knowing that he is being rehabilitated and cared for is enough to put a smile on our faces in spite of it all.

You can see a streaming video of Jordan playing here.

Source: Eldad Hagar