By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

5 Year-Old Met A Homeless Man For The First Time. What He Did For Him Left Everyone In Tears.

Often, we forget that children are hyper aware of the world going on around them - and incredibly sensitive to it. When five-year-old Josiah Duncan saw a man holding a bag of his things, looking relatively dirty and unkempt, he asked his mother why.

"He's homeless," his mother, Ava Faulk said. "That means he doesn't have a home."

Little Josiah was troubled by this, but more so by the fact that the man didn't have any food. He insisted that his mother bring the man to dine with them at a nearby Waffle House. But Josiah wasn't finished with his act of goodwill - what he did when they were eating together will bring tears to your eyes.

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Source: Amazing Videos