By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

She Is Creating Astounding Art From The Most Unusual Product Imaginable.

Most clothing has a similar life cycle, moving from the confines of your closet, then maybe to a friends, and eventually finding it's way to the thrift store. When it gets there, it's kept on the shelf for awhile, and then eventually either gets donated overseas or recycled.

And when it's time for clothing to become rags, Joy Pitts is there to collect the label.

Using nothing but clothing labels of various sizes, shapes, and colors, Pitts creates these amazing portraits of animals. Her work has recently gotten the attention of the fashion world, and the UK resident was even commissioned to create a portrait of Queen Elizabeth, which will be unveiled in a London gallery in coming months.

Check out her incredible, tactile work below - which animals and designers do you recognize?

To see more of Joy Pitts work, visit her website.