By Amanda

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This Great-Grandmother Is Wowing The Internet With Her Keepy-Uppy Skills.

Just because you've grown older doesn't mean you have to stop doing what you love, and this 90-year-old Norwegian grandmother totally proves it. Ase Marie Nordhagen is a great-great-grandmother, and she's also more skilled at kicking around a soccer ball than most of us will ever be.

Nordhagen claims that her personal record was 1,003 kick-ups in a row, which she says happened all the way back in 1940. Though her numbers aren't quite as high today, she still seems pretty skilled at kicking the ball around -- most likely because she practices at least twice a day. Here's what she had to say to a Norwegian newspaper:

I am so old now that I’ve gone into childhood again, you know? I think [juggling] is so fun. That was why I decided to start. I never sit quietly. I guess I’m [still doing it] because I’m not like other people!

See the nonagenarian show off her serious skills in the video below.

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Source: Storyful