By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Fun DIY Ideas For The 4th July… George Washington Would Approve Of #13.

July 4th is arguably the best holiday in America: It's a time when people come together to barbecue, drink, and blow off huge amounts of fireworks, all while wearing clever combinations of red, white, and blue. What could be better than that?

This Fourth of July, why not consider going full DIY for your patriotic backyard party? Here, we're put together a list of 20 amazing ideas for your food, drinks, and decor that will have your guests feeling national pride course through their veins before they even get to try the bean dip. I'll take two pitchers of #16, and god bless America.

#1. Paint some patriotic mason jars for your snacks, drinks, or other goodies.

#2. Whip up some festive red velvet cupcakes with blueberries on top.

#3. Paint your flower pots with stars and stripes for some festive patio decor.

#4. Get into the spirit of the holiday with these clever tabletop decorations.

#5. Put together an American flag vegetable tray - and see who's brave enough to try your blue dip.

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