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25 Patriotic Ideas For Celebrating 4th July In Style.

June is slowly reaching its end, which means a very festive holiday is coming up. You guessed it, 2016's Fourth of July is almost here.

It always feels great to celebrate being American and living in the land of the free. Who doesn't love some delicious barbecue, good company, and a beautiful fireworks show?

If you're hosting a Fourth of July party/get-together this year, don't be shy on the decorations! Throw those patriotic colors on everything you can to create a festive event. If you don't know where to start, take a look at some of the easy-to-make DIY projects below. We've got a little mix of everything from house decor to scrumptious desserts to projects that can be done by the kids.

#1. Denim and Burlap Lighted Garland

Tie pieces of denim and burlap to a string of lights to create a festive lighted garland. The end result will look great!

#2. Fourth of July Bike Clip Art

Dress up any bike (kid or adult) with festive pennants, labels, spoke covers, and clip-art medallions.

#3. Banadana Picnic Quilt

Get some red, white, and blue bandanas from the dollar store and stitch them together for a picnic quilt that you can also use as a table cloth.

#4. Balloon Dart Game

This is a fun one for adults and children. Get a white pegboard and some balloons. Give away prizes for the most balloons popped.

#5. Sparkler Packs

Create individual sparkler packs for all of your guests for a fun and beautiful sparkly night.

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