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By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

Baby Goats Learning To Jump Is Exactly What You Need Today.

What's a better way to start off the spring season than by watching baby goats learn how to jump! Meet Marigold, Butterscotch, Gershwin, and Bruno — the 1-day-old baby goats that have won over the Internet's heart. These sweet babies were born to their mama goat, Rhubarb.

They're learning how to jump for the first time ever and it looks just as cute as it sounds! Although the video is only capturing their modest attempts for now, you can tell that they'll be professional jumpers in no time.

“Not yet a day old and already practicing hopping! By tomorrow they will be experts,” wrote the owners from the Sunflower Farm Creamery.

But the cuteness doesn't stop at the baby goats jumping, they're also dressed up in adorable sweaters to keep them warm at night as it can get pretty chilly.

"But also Rhubarb [the goat mother] is not sure the white and tan one is hers so we tried to disguise him in a darker color! She seems better about it and let him nurse a ton which is great.”

Fortunately for these cute newborns, the Sunflower Farm has a "no cull" policy, making them very different from other establishments.

This policy allows the animals to live their days out in peace instead of being killed the moment they're considered worthless.

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