By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Justin Bieber And Ellen DeGeneres Get ‘Caught’ Making Out In The Bathroom… Too Funny.

There are a lot of strange things you could imagine happening in a public restroom. Maybe you'll see someone screaming into a cell phone. Maybe you'll see a man in the lady's room. Maybe you'll find an animal or too. Or maybe, just maybe, you'll run into a friend just as you're leaving the stall, and the whole moment will be kind of awkward.

However, never could you imagine that when you walked into the average bathroom stall that you'd be running into one of pop's biggest stars and one of TV's biggest personalities! Justin Bieber and Ellen found a big stall to hide in, simply so they could scare the heck out of people who are just innocently trying to use the restroom. Even funnier is the fact that Ellen & Justin took the time to situate themselves in some ridiculous positions.

The reactions from these women are hilarious, especially the Bieber fans (though I think some are more excited to see Ellen!)

Which celebrity would you love to find on the other side of the stall door?

Source: TheEllenShow