By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Wonder Dog Helps Keep America Safe. The Way He Does It… Awesome.

Since 2014, Piper the dog has had a very, very important job: He's a member of the Cherry Capital Airport (located in Michigan) Wildlife Control team, working with the U.S. Coast Guard to keep people safe in the sky.

It sounds like a lot of responsibility for young pup to take on, but his handlers say that Piper is up for the challenge. So what does he do to keep people safe, exactly? It's quite simple: He scares away birds.

Birds can be incredibly dangerous to landing planes, as birds that fly low to the ground are almost impossible for pilots to see. Piper has been trained to chase them away from the landing strip, keeping the pilot, passengers, and the airport safe from collision. See photos of this badass dog below.

Piper is one of a small number of dogs specially trained to clear runways across the U.S.

In fact, there are only a small amount of airports in America cleared for wildlife control.

At first, he was afraid of the noise, but over time, he learned to ignore it and do his job in spite of the deafening sound of the propellers. The accessories help a bit, too.

Check out a little bit of Piper in action in the video below.

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