By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

These Giant Kaleidoscopes Twist In Mesmerizing Detail, How She Does It Is Insane.

Suzan Drummen understands that when it comes to art, there is a fine line between what is accepted as beautiful and what is regarded as ugly. Based in the Netherlands, the artist has created kaleidoscopic and intricate designs attached to floors, walls, and people. Her materials consists of thousands of precious stones, mirrors, chrome-plated metal, crystal, and optical glass.

The installations look organized and clear from a distance, once people get closer, the visual experience changes. “That moment, of being able to take it all in or not, is explored, time and time again. The visual perception is challenged, requisitioned and intensified,” says Drummen.

Where is the line between art that is beautiful and one that is ugly?

Getting closer to the installation changes the visual experience.

"There is an ongoing inquiry into the limits of seduction and repulsion," says Drummen.

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